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I'm moving to another province. How should I plan that move?

Updated: May 11, 2021

This will likely be a multi-day move. Be prepared for the couple of days it could take your movers to complete the move. Travel time to some provinces can take up to 5 days. Know the company that you are working with. Do they specialize in long distance moves? What will the costs be and if there is a company that will have it higher or lower find out why. Smaller companies that will make the drive will likely charge more but you may get better service from them. If it costs less find out why and ask yourself if the service that you are trading for cost is worth it. These cost differences can be dramatic so make sure you do your homework to make sure you now what you are paying for.

Moving should be as low stress and simple as possible. At True North Movers we make sure to take what could be a stressful and chaotic day and make that day as positive and organized as possible. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, that way you can immediately start enjoying your new home, the way it should be!

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