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Your Professional Movers in London Ontario

Consumer Choice Award Winner for Best Movers in London, Ontario - True North Movers.

Are you looking for professional and efficient movers in London, Ontario? True North Movers is the Consumer Choice Award Winner for the Best Residential Moving Company in London, Ontario and the surrounding area. Get a free quote for your move today!

As your expert movers in London, ON, we can take care of as much or as little of the moving process as you need. From packing and loading your belongings, to driving and unloading them in a new destination - we've got you covered! But it doesn't stop there. Recommended by Many Local Partners.

Moving companies London Ontario

Why Choose True North Movers for Your Move in London Ontario?

At True North Movers, we understand that commercial or residential moving can be stressful, and our ultimate goal is to make it as worry-less for you as possible. Here is what makes us your ideal destination for London Ontario's professional moving and packing services:

  • Ultimate attention to detail. We respect your time and pay attention to every little detail. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to win the Consumer Choice Award for the Best Residential Moving Company in London, Ontario. We are real professionals committed to providing effective, authentic, and rapid services to our clients.

  • Best talent in the industry. Our moving crews are composed of the best talent in the industry, highly trained and certified. Our efficient movers have experience and in-depth knowledge dealing with risk management and safety techniques to ensure an efficient and safe moving process for you.

  • The right tools and equipment. We will make sure that your items will be delivered to the new destination safely, with the use of appropriate equipment and tools even for the furniture and most bulky items. We have a fleet of premium-quality trailers and moving trucks equipped with lift gates to ensure the safest loading, transport, and unloading of your possessions.

Over the years, we have had countless happy customers, - and you can become one of them too! Get your online moving estimate today and let us take care of all of your moving needs.

Our Moving Services

Residential Movers in London, ON

The challenges associated with a residential move are often underestimated, but we know how tough it can be. From disassembling beds, bookshelves, and tables, to safely packing valuable and fragile items, to loading and unloading countless boxes… Residential move is no easy task.

Luckily, choosing the right residential moving service provider will help to make your move in London, Ontario as seamless as possible. If you are an individual or family planning an upcoming move, our comprehensive, full-service London movers are here to help you through every step of the way!

Don’t spend the final days in your current home worried about getting your furniture to your new space safely. Instead, you can trust the professional residential movers at True North Movers to take care of all of your moving needs, from A to Z. We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business, which ensures that you have a seamless move with our expert team by your side.

Senior Movers in London, ON

At True North Movers, we aspire to help our community every opportunity we have, - and, of course, this includes supporting any unique needs of our clients with highly-specialized services.

Being a senior citizen comes with unique moving needs, making it crucial to find the right moving company in London, Ontario, which has experience tailoring their approach accordingly. We are happy to offer specialized services that are tailored specifically for senior citizens in our community.

Regardless of the amount of items that need to be moved, we will provide a caring and compassionate moving experience for seniors of age 60+, meeting and exceeding your expectations. We work closely with our senior moving clients to identify the most important items to move into their new residence and provide additional packing and unpacking services to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Commercial and Business Movers in London, ON

A commercial and business move looks drastically different from moving your home, - and is a lot more large-scale. When planning a commercial move, it is crucial to find a moving company that is able to deliver the most efficient and cautious process for such a massive move.

At True North Movers, we aim to support unique customer needs and are happy to offer commercial moving services in London, Ontario. Beyond getting your commercial or office move accomplished, we understand that your time is valuable. As such, we are devoted to ensuring that your move happens with both exceptional quality and logistics, as well as high productivity.

Before your move day, we will carefully assess your workplace for size and workable space, as well as identify any potential obstacles and oversized specialty items. Based on this information, we will create a customized moving plan to reflect the individual needs of your workplace and ensure that your commercial move is accomplished swiftly and efficiently.

In-Home Movers in London, ON

Moving doesn’t always involve travelling to a different city or location. We often need to move items and furniture around our house for a variety of reasons, - and this task can get challenging when it involves large and heavy items that are awkward to handle. Not to mention that it can present a health and safety risk when done improperly!

Luckily, at True North Movers, we have a hard-working professional team that is happy to assist you with heavy lifting, relocating your belongings from one room or another, getting your house ready for sale, and more. We understand that you work hard and don’t always have the time and expertise to accomplish these tasks yourself. As such, we offer affordable and efficient in-home moving services with a custom solution and a highly-flexible service approach to each and every client and their valuables.

True North Movers - Movers London Ontario

Packing and Unpacking in London, ON

For most people, it can be hard to pinpoint what they dread most regarding an upcoming move – packing or physically moving everything. Thankfully, we can take care of both for you! Our professional packing and unpacking services do more than just take the stress related to packing off your agenda.

When you choose to work with us, you can forget about the overwhelming and tedious work of packing up and unpacking your home or business. At True North Movers, we use our moving experience to pack your belongings carefully and thoughtfully, so that the unpacking process becomes smoother than you could ever imagine. We work hard to coordinate the most efficient move possible to save you money, time, and keep your valuable items safe and secure with our Damage-Free Guarantee.

Take the Stress Out of Your Move with True North Movers

Whether you are moving for personal, professional, or family reasons, restarting your life in a brand new location can be challenging and overwhelming.

To ensure that your move goes smoothly and hassle-free, you need to cover all bases, - from the minute you start disassembling the furniture and packing up your items, to the time they arrive at your new home. Of course, finding the right moving company in London, Ontario that can guide you through the process is crucial. At True North Movers, we are ready to turn your moving experience into an exciting and fun adventure. Get a free online estimate today.

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