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The True North Moving Experience

The idea of moving has gained the unfortunate reputation of being stressful, full of hassles and headaches. It shouldn’t be that way! Moving is exciting, getting to take your life to a new place and create a new home – that should be nothing short of a fun adventure. Don’t let the dreaded packing or heavy lifting that comes with moving take away from the excitement of the new chapter you’re entering. We alleviate all of the moving hassle for you, with a delicate approach, so you can focus your attention on soaking in the joy of your next adventure.

As 2021 Consumer Choice Award winners for Best Movers London, Ontario, you can be at ease knowing your personal belongings and cherished treasures are safe in our hands. We have a mindful approach that keeps the quality and safety of your belongings at the forefront. With a goal to make your moving experience stress-free, we do everything in our power to ensure that’s the case.

We wouldn’t have the opportunity to receive such kind recognition for our service without the experience we have gained getting to help our community. Our clients are our neighbors and people we are honored to help. The many clients we have been fortunate to work with have provided us with immense knowledge. However unique your moving situation, we have experience with it all.

Residential Moving: If you are an individual or family in Southwestern Ontario planning an upcoming move, our comprehensive, full-service, movers are here to help you through every step! Don’t spend your final days in your current home worried about getting your furniture to your new space safely. We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business, which ensures you have a seamless move with our expert team by your side. Beyond carefully moving your belongings, we customize your move experience to fit your unique needs, while equipping you with practical tips and advice to make your move as efficient as possible. Thanks to our experience getting to help hundreds of individuals and families with their Southwestern Ontario moves, we have been able to quickly become the premier moving companies in London, Ontario. Join the wonderful community we have been able to help. Once you experience a move with True North Movers, you’ll never attempt one alone again.

Senior Moving: Being a company that aspires to help our community every opportunity we have, that mission wouldn’t be complete without being able to support any client’s unique needs with specialized service. Being a senior citizen comes with unique moving needs, making it a requirement to find a moving company that has experience tailoring their approach accordingly. True North Movers not only tailors their approach for seniors, but rather, we have a specialized service for seniors in our community. We will handle your move for you, letting you focus your energy on settling into your new space. If you are seeking the help of movers on behalf of someone else, know that your loved one, and all of their precious possessions, are in compassionate, diligent, hands.

Commercial Moving: Our aim to support unique customer needs in mind, a commercial move looks drastically different than moving your home – and is far more large-scale. You need a moving company that understands the most efficient, cautious, process for such a massive move. Beyond getting your commercial move accomplished, time is valuable, so the move needs to happen both with exceptional quality and logistics as well as with high productivity. Like you, we’re a business that understands the impact unnecessary down-time can have. Our expert movers provide you with the highly efficient move your business deserves. That starts with proactive planning for your unique move. We take the time to understand every detail about your current space as well as where you’re headed, which we use to build a tailored moving plan that perfectly supports your moving needs – with a focus on efficiency, of course.

Packing/Unpacking: For most people, it can be hard to pin-point what they dread most regarding an upcoming move – packing or physically moving everything. Thankfully, we can take care of both for you! Our packing and unpacking services do more than just take the stress of packing off your agenda, which is a gift in and of itself, but we use our moving experience to pack your belongings with such thoughtfulness that the unpacking process will be more seamless than you ever could imagine. 
Don’t let the act of packing and moving your belongings take away from the excitement of getting to turn a new page. You should be able to enjoy your moving process without worrying about bubble wrap or the logistics of moving your dining table. Let us handle your move, and let yourself have a bit of fun – schedule your move with us today! 


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