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Top 4 Tips for Student Moving in London Ontario

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

During your Student years, you will most likely move more than at any other time in your life. From moving out for the first time and changing houses every school year through summer travel, studying abroad, and finally packing up one last time after graduation, there's a lot to take in. Moving in and out throughout college can be as simple as a padded senior year schedule with a little forethought and preparation. Follow these college moving suggestions from Store-moving It's specialists, and check out our various Idaho self-storage sites for economical college storage.

Make A List

Make a list – or several – as soon as you begin the moving process. You'd be shocked how quickly you can misplace your possessions. Begin by making a list of all of your key possessions to ensure that you have everything. Make a new list of everything you need to do before you start moving out in earnest, so you can fit it all into your schedule with as little stress as possible.

Label all your Boxes!

Invest in a few markers to label your moving boxes (and if you plan on reusing the boxes for different purposes, some labels or tape). Use the markers to write the contents of your boxes on the outsides of the boxes or on the labels you bought. Check to see if your text is visible and readable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Donate and Downsize

Moving to college is nearly usually a shrinking exercise. When you first go into the dorms, you might be startled at how "cosy" they are. Your freshman dorm room will most certainly be a fraction of the size of your home bedroom, and you may have to share it with another student. When you eventually obtain that single dorm room or off-campus apartment or house, you'll almost certainly be sharing it with other people — and you won't have a garage or spare closet to put your belongings. As a result, downsizing is your most straightforward option.

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